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Worthing Beach
Worthing Beach

Beautiful, sunny Worthing.

As anybody who lives here knows, there are some beautiful parts, and sometimes it is sunny, but there’s a lot more to Worthing than just those two things. There are thousands of small business’ and a few larger ones in Worthing. Some of them have familiar names while others you have probably never heard of.

I expect that we are in the latter category, we are one of Worthing’s best kept secrets. Why?

Well it’s simple really, our success has relied entirely on word of mouth for the last 30+ years, and they’ve been a busy three decades! So we have never advertised, never made a brochure, never posted on social media, until now…

While word of mouth is still the mainstay of our new business, the world is changing, and we are changing too.

In the late 1990’s, when I first started in this business, our company was one of only a handful on the South Coast that provided a full website-design service. But we didn’t start there…

1970’s – 1980’s

Originally a software company named ‘AFK System Design’, we produced software for banks and other organisations, including the fire service. One of the most important software packages developed at this time was a system for calculating magazine circulation figures.

Early 1990’s

In the 1990’s we developed a powerful tool for handling advertising in magazines and brochures, this was used by at least two major London publishing firms to revolutionise this aspect of the print-publishing industry. The basics of this software are still in use today, although we’ve long since moved on.

Late 1990’s – Our first website

The internet really started to boom at this time and we rode that wave. Rebranding as ‘ANE-Net’ we continued to produce bespoke and innovative software, but also moved into website design. In our first year we made a total of three websites, one of which was our own.

Early 2000’s

Our portfolio of websites increased; we could boast major publishing houses and their titles, insurance companies, environmental consultants and musicians in our line-up. We were also in talks with a major UK television broadcaster to produce their first website.

Mid 2000’s

Tragedy; the founder of the company succumbed to Leukemia and passed away. I took over the running of the company and started to shift towards bespoke software design and the emerging ‘Apps’ market. We never got that big broadcaster contract as they decided to setup their own in-house department.

A series of innovative software titles were created during this time. These included software that monitored stock-trading, horse-racing analysis, and a new model for analysing population trends.


Air Quality Software - not just website design.

At this time I decided to explore new avenues and sold or gave away much of my IP to investors and friends. I moved into the environmental consultancy arena and started working with ‘big-data’ for an organisation named Aeris Europe.

During my time with Aeris Europe I developed software to analyse air quality and help make this complex subject accessible to all. We have advised the European oil refining industry on air quality policy matters, providing technical support to their advocacy efforts. We developed an air quality model that is still in active development and has recently been used by major car manufacturers to assist in the formulation of the next generation of emission standards.

I also started selling data, so next time that you purchase a house and you can choose the various reports to tell you about flooding and so on, if you purchase the air quality one, that’s my data.


We’re going back to our roots. Bespoke software, app development and website design. We’ve re-branded to Virtualis, and we’re ready to do great things.

Nowadays, there are literally thousands of companies that will design you a website, and I’ve seen even more come and go. There are some great companies out there who can really help you get online and realise your dreams. We are one of them.

As one of the oldest (if not the oldest) website design company in Worthing, when you deal with us we promise a high quality service and complete honesty. We’ll work with you every step of the way, and do our best to help you succeed.


Every quote is free, every discussion honest. We want to be working with you for the next 30 years, sharing in each others success.

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